Importing Ovation Afterburner video, one of the many formats we’ve integrated, is a bit different than the other imports you’ll do in Kinesense. In the video import wizard go to the Covert tab where you’ll find the Ovation Afterburner option. Afterburner can be stored on DVDs or on a removable hard drive, the import for both of these is slightly different.

DVD Import

Selecting the Import from Afterburner DVD(s) option will bring you to the DVD Selection page. If you’re importing multiple DVDs at the same time Kinesense will group them together for you. Select the group you want to import by clicking Import this group. If you’re having issues importing your footage, usually due to a broken index file, you can try importing using brute force mode. Expand out the brute force option to the right of groups and check the enable box.

This will allow you to select the broken disc and import it

Next the times will be checked and you’ll be able to select which recording mode was used. This is a setting chosen when the Afterburner recorder DVR was set up. By default it’s set to full screen – but there are 25 different options there (‘Full’ and ‘Quad’ are the most commonly used recording modes).

Afterburner DVD imports require a large amount of space, both for storage in the database and temporary storage during import. You can check that you have enough storage for your database and change the location of the temporary directory in the Working Data Directory Selection(s) page by expanding the advanced section.

In the Extra section you can also select if you want to make a copy of the DVDs you’re importing.

After that it’s just about giving the import a name and group and then you being the import. The wizard will stay open while it’s copying over the DVDs and show you the current status of what it’s doing. Hard Drive import

Selecting Import from Afterburner Removable Hard Drive will bring up a folder select dialogue. The folder you select must be the parent folder that contains the VOB and IDX sub folders.

Next a list of files from within that folder will appear. Use Select All to select all of the files or you can select them individually. Once again you can find the brute force option here if you’re having issues importing your files.After the file selection the import process is the same as DVD import, selecting the recording mode and the location of the temp files.