When importing a video into Kinesense there are a lot of different options that can be applied. You might not know which of these you need to apply to your video until after you’ve imported it. Instead of importing it again, which can be a pain since you might not even have a copy of the original video, you can just reprocess it. Reprocess is a feature hidden away in the Filters tab. Select a video from the list on the left and then in the right hand side, above the filter window, you’ll see a + button.

Click the Reprocess button in the expanded menu and the reprocess dialogue will appear.

By default the whole video will be reprocessed but if you only need a section of it done then you can change the start and end time of the reprocessing. Other options include change the analysis algorithm used and changing the analysis mode.

When you’ve selected your new options you might want to delete the video metadata before beginning. This will remove all the events from the timeline. If you do this all the events for that video will be deleted. If you don’t and you reprocess then the new events will mix in with the existing events.

Clicking Start Reprocessing will bring you to the Add/Remove tab and your video will be processed again using the new options you’ve just selected.