Today we’re going to do something a little different and give you a sneak peak at the upcoming LE 3.2 release. We’re going to cover 2 new features, undo annotations and multiple exports, and an update to ffmpeg.

Multiple Exports

Up until now you could only ever export one report at a time and once you set your report going you had to sit back and let Kinesense do it’s thing. Now, not only will you be able to continue working in Kinesense once you’ve set an export going but you’ll also be able to set more that one going at a time!

When exporting a report a new window will pop up displaying your export status. Each new export will appear in a new tab so you can flick through these tabs to see the status of your export.

Undo Annotations

In by popular demand, it’s undo for annotations!

Now if you make a mistake in annotations you can just click the undo button on the right hand side and it’ll go back to the previous state of the annotation.


FFmpeg has now been updated so that Kinesense can now natively import even more types videos, including support for h265.


Coming next week…

Deep learning, doorway analysis and our new way of viewing analytics!



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