Ovation Afterburner 2 recorders save video to a caddy, or removable hard disk, which can be slotted into a Kinesense PC and imported directly. However the older Afterburner 1 recorders write video to DVDs, and to import these quickly into Kinesense its handy to have a PC tower with 8 DVD drives. If you happen to have a computer with everybody’s favourite operating system, Windows 10, but dont have lots of DVD drives in your PC, theres a neat workaround. Instead of physical DVDs you can create a ISO images of your disc and mount them directly in Windows. We’ve gone through Afterburner imports before and once you get your ISO’s up and running it’ll be the same method to import as before.

The first thing you’ll need is a piece of software to create an ISO. I use BurnAware but there are loads of other pieces of software out there that’ll do the job. For BurnAware, on the main page there is an option called Make ISO, choose that.

You can either click Add or drag and drop the files to add them to the ISO. Afterburner has a very specific file structure so it is vitally important that you copy in the entire content of the disc.

Click Make and select a location to save you ISO. Remember that you’ll need somewhere to store these ISO’s while you’re importing them into Kinesense.

Once the ISO is created you now have to mount it. Windows 10 lets you do this simply by double clicking on it. It’ll then show up as a drive on your machine.

When you’ve created your ISOs and mounted them you can import them into Kinesense as if they were real DVD drives with discs in them.

So the next time you have one DVD drive and a stack of Afterburner discs, don’t despair! Unless you’re running Windows Vista, then you should always despair.