Every now and then you might need to use a 3rd part codec to import video into Kinesense. A codec is a piece of software you install on your PC that allows you to view a particular video format using a video player on your machine. So when you install a codec on your machine you will then be able to import that video directly into Kinesense, without have to use an external player.

Many DVR manufacturers make their own codecs and you must install them to be able to view their video file formats. In most cases, these codecs relate to AVI video files and are called ‘Video for Windows’ codecs. Manufacturers that make this type of codec include GeoVision, March Networks and Verint – but there are hundreds of others. A second type of codec is based on “Microsoft DirectShow” and this is also supported by Kinesense. The software includes a huge list of manufacturers and codec names, and (when known) where to download them. In the Add Video wizard, Kinesense will detect the codec of the file and test to see if that codec is installed, displaying useful information if not.

Lets take a codec for h265. The first step is to download the correct codec (eg  from here: http://codecpack.co/download/x265vfw.html)

As is common, this particular codec is ‘unsigned’ so Windows might warn you when you try to install install. Click ‘Run anyway’.

Or you may see this screen, depending on your version of Windows: click Yes

Once you’ve installed the codec, open up Kinesense and add your videos as normal. When you get to the summary page go to the advanced section. In the Record tab select Manual select Import mode and then Video for Windows.

Once that’s selected click Begin Processing and you should have a nice shiny new video importing into Kinesense.

If you want to discover what codecs you already have installed on your PC, you can use the “system details” tab, which you will find in “Manage Players”