This week we will continue our quest to make your Kinesense reports prettier by exploring how to customise the template images. Last week, when covering title slides, we briefly mentioned that you can also change the background images. The User Customisation dialogue, where you change then images from, can be accessed either from the title slide tab or from the options menu.

 Text Report Images

Opening the User Customisation window you’ll find a list of images on the left with a preview and ability to browse for a new one on the right. The different images for an image report are as follows

If you want to see what your PDF will look like before you save then new images you can click the Preview PDF button and it’ll create a mock PDF for you.

Video Report Images

There are a different set of images used for the video title slide. The Video Report Title Slide Background refers to the whole image at the back. The others are as follows

DVD Images

You can also change the background images for both the DVD title page and the chapter selection menu. There is no preview of this available in this window but you can see it on export.

When you’ve made changes and previewed them where possible you can then save the changes and the next time you export your video or PDF the changes will be shown.

So you now have all the tools you need to go off and make your own beautiful reports. Happy reporting!