If you’ve ever wanted to add a little flair and creativity to your reports in Kinesense, title slides are where it’s at. We’ve touched on title slides before, mentioning how to lose friends and alienate people with comic sans by editing the title slide layout and how to add evidence info. But here are a few more tips to help you play around with title slides.

Enable/Disable Title Slides

Title slides are the image that are displayed at the start of every clip. By default these will appear at the start of every video clip but not in front of every image. Title slides can be enabled and disabled individually or by clip type.

If you want to do this on an individual level you can find the Enable Title Slide checkbox in the Clip Details tab.

This can also be done in the Title Slide tab itself.

If you have 100 video clips and want to do this for all but the very first clip this would be a pain. Instead you can enable and disable the title slides of all the video clips from the report toolbar  . This can also be done for all the images 

Slide Duration

If you’ve decided to enable your title slides you can then start adding text and changing the duration. By default the slide is set to appear for 5 seconds.

By using the arrow keys  you can adjust the length of time the title slides is displayed for.

Multiple Title Slides

If you’ve decided to write a small novel on your title slide but think you have to make the text tiny to include everything, worry no more! If the text doesn’t fit onto one slide and second slide will be created automatically. You can shift through these slides using the arrow keys on the bottom of the preview image.

There is also the ability change the background images but we’ll get to that another week. Instead remember this, no one makes friends with salad or comic sans.