Instead of going to a spa for the blogs 30th, we’re going to delve into the search functionality of tags which is just as relaxing. We touched on tags before in relation to navigating to them on the timeline and creating a Word report. Using the different search options can help you find the tags you’re looking for quickly and easily.

The search options can be found at the top of the Tags tab. When a search is done it is applied to both the Events and Objects tabs. When you go to export a CSV or Word document it will export just the results that are currently viewed in the given tab.

Filter Options

Time: By default filtering by time is turned off. When it is enabled you can enter in a start and end time and the tags displayed will be the ones within that time period

Relevance: This relates to how interesting this tag is. Everything is checked by default and can be unchecked to remove those tags from the list

Type: Type refers to the type of object you’re looking for. You can search by person, vehicle, object or location

Object: This contains a list of objects that you’ve added. These objects might not have tags attached to them but they are in the system

Action: The actions relate to the list of preset actions you can chose from when adding a tag. This is what the object is doing at that moment in the video

Video: This list contains all the videos that currently have tags associated with them

For Type, Object, Action and Video you have the ability at the top to select and deselect all of the options.

Search Within Results

There is also a text search option. This will search not just the comments but all the other fields as well. Type in the word or phrase you’re looking for and then click search . When you want to clear your search results click clear .

So happy searching, who needs a spa when you’re got tags! (I do, I need a spa trip!)

To know more, check the video “How to use tags to bookmark key events” on our YouTube channel.