Clarifications, part of the Report tab, are tools that can help you clear up an image or video. Today we’re going to cover  the two different types of cropping found in the geometry tools.


If you want to just export a section of an image or video you can do this by cropping the image. Click the crop button and a message, Click and Drag to Crop, will appear over your image on the right hand side. Another preview will appear on the left hand side. This will show you what the resulting image will look like.On the right hand side click on the image and drag the box over the area you which to crop to. The left hand side will be updated with the new cropped image.

Perspective Crop 

If the part of the image you’re interested in it at an angle, sometimes applying a perspective drop can help you view it better. The main difference between this and cropping is that this time, instead resizing a box you’ll be applying points to create the crop.

Once again when you click perspective crop two images will appear, one where you apply the crop and the other where you see the results. Using your mouse, in a similar manner to creating a filter, apply four points around the part of the image you want to crop. The result will then appear on the left.

Applying the scale tool to this image allows you to get an even better look at the above licence plate but we’ll cover that next week.