Following on from last week (fine… two weeks ago) where we looked at importing videos using face recognition, today we are going to look at how you can review these videos once you’ve imported them.


When you want to review your newly imported video you can select it in the Review tab as usual.

Your events (blobs on the timeline) will now be blue and a blue box will surround the face with the name and confidence level appearing above their face. If the face hasn’t been found in the database then “unknown” will appear over it.

Clicking on the face will open up the Possible Face Matches box. This will show you a list of matching faces, their image from the 3rd party database and the information that has been inputted about them from that database.

If you need to add a match to that face you have a few different options.

From Video: Clicking ‘From Video’ allows you to see all the other people who and been found in the video and adding that match to the current face. You can also select how certain you are about this match from the dropdown.

From Database: If the person you’re looking for isn’t in the video you can search the database for them using ID, name, nationality, ethnicity or gender.

When you’ve gotten your results back check the box beside the match and set the certainty.

Add New Person: If you want to add a brand new person to the database and link them you can do this through Add New Person. Here you input all the details about the new person and add images, either from files you already have or a cropped image from the video itself. Clicking save enrolls them in the 3rd party database and allows you to pick your confidence level.

Remove Matches: If any of the matches from the list come back incorrect you can remove them from the list. Click Remove Matches and then click the checkbox beside the entries you wish to remove. Then click Remove Selected and they’ll be removed from the list.

Tag Event: Adding a tag of this face will add an event tag to tags and also an person object with all the details of the person in the comments section.

That’s plenty of info for this week. Next week we’ll finish off our series on facial recognition with batch enrolment and manually making sprites.