To conclude our series on face recognition, we’re going to tackle batch enrollment, manually marking a face and where you can identify a face in Kinesense. Previously we covered importing and reviewing.

Manually Mark Face

If you find a face while reviewing a video that the facial recognition server hasn’t picked up you can manually make it using the Manually Mark Face button on the left hand side of the review pane.

Selecting this will allow you to draw a box around the face you want.

A box will be drawn around the face with the header Unknown and a new face sprite will appear on the timeline. If you know who this suspect is you can add matches for it like we discussed last week.

Batch Enrollment

Enrolling one person at a time into the facial recognition database is fine if you only have one or two people you need to enroll but is an utter pain if you have tens or hundreds or even thousands of faces to do. Instead you can create a JSON file with the information about each face and links to images, and use the batch enrolllement process to add them all to the database at once.

The Batch Enrollment option can be found in the Options menu under Face Recognition. This will bring up the Batch Enrollment window.

The first thing you’ll need to add is your JSON file. Each face will need details about it, like name, gender, date of birth etc, and the paths of the images you wish to use.

The format of this file needs to be correct so we can provide you with a sample file that you can edit with the correct details.

The next thing you’ll need to provide is an output folder. While the faces are enrolling, the database will create logs and store them in your output folder.

You can also select whether or not you want duplicated names your in database. This will mean that any duplicates wont be enrolled.

Once you’ve filled in everything click Begin Enroll and the faces will begin enrolling into your database.

Identify Face

The Identify Face button can be used to identify a face in an external image, a clarified image or an image of someone you’ve tags. For an external image, use the Identify Face button in the Review tab.

Click Select Image To Identify and browse to your image. A list of results will be displayed on the right hand side.

When you’ve clarified an image you can select the Identify Face button in the Clarification tab and it’ll use that clarified image to search the database.

That function can also be applied to images you have attached to an object in tags.

That should do it for facial recognition. So get out there are start recognising some faces!