Taking a quick break from our 3.2 coverage, we’re going to take a look at Kinesense Advantage. But why would I care about Kinesense Advantage I hear you murmur into your keyboard. Well one of the main advantages (see what I did there) of Kinesense is how much time it can save you when reviewing videos. Kinesense Advantage gives those savings a number in terms of both hours saved and money saved.

Kinesense Advantage can be accessed from the Options menu on the right hand side. Here you’ll see a list of how many hours you imported and watched, how many reports you’ve exported and how much time you’ve saved. Cost estimate works out how much money you’ve saved based on the amount you put in per hour.

By default all dates and users are selected but you can select specify users and a start date if you need to. You can also export the logs to a csv file which breaks down what each user as achieved.

Kinesense Advantage runs off logs that are stored in you log folder and just for the current machine that you’re on. If you want to get a more force wide idea of that is going on there are two different ways you can achieve this. First you can change the location of the advantage logs to be in one central location, a server that everyone has access to. This can be done by changing the CommonLogFilesLocation setting in the Settings Editor on everyone’s machine to a common location.

Your second option is to collect all the log files on everyone’s machine from the default location C:\KinesenseData\Logs\CommonViewingLogs. Once you’ve got all their files in the one location you can then use the Browse button to search for the folder where they’re stored. All this information will then be displayed in Kinesense Advantage.