50 blogs in and we’ve finally arrived here, at multiple exports!

Multiple Exports

Up until version 3.2, if you wanted to export a report you could only do one at a time and you’d have to sit there staring at the screen as the little green bars made their way across the export window.

That’s all changed now as we’ve moved export into it’s own process and allow you to return to Kinesense and keep working while it’s running away in the background. By giving you the ability to get back to Kinesense you’ll also be able to run multiple exports at the same time.

Export Length

We’ve also added the ability to change the max length of the videos you export. Before they were set at 2 hours but now in the Settings Editor you can change that.

Put in the length you want in minutes beside the VideoExportLength setting and click save. I’ve made mine 6 hours long just in case my Lego recreation of Das Boot runs a bit long.