Another one of the amazing new features in 3.2 is object classification, which is currently in beta. Object classification uses deep learning models we’ve created in house to classify different objects. At the moment the model we have classifies cars and people but more models are being developed as I type, adding even more categories.


Object classification is an add on to the event detection algorithm. When selecting event detection in the analysis algorithm page, select the advanced setting.

Check the Use Object Classification checkbox to enable the model. You can then select a model to apply to the video. By default, and the only one we have at the moment, the cars and people model is selected. When we add more models in the future can you select them from here. You can also create your own models and apply them to your video in Kinesense.
The LE installer comes with a sample Keras Python script file you can use to train on your data and generate the Tensorflow ‘protobuf’ pb weights file. Contact us if you’d like to know what this means, we’d only be delighted to talk nerdy deep learning with you!

As this process is currently in beta we are still trying to work and improve our model. If you want to help us out, select Output Detection and select a folder. While your import, the images that Kinesense extracts from the video and classifies will be sorted into folders and saved in the location you’ve provided. Then you can send them off to us and we can use them to better ourselves and our model.


When you import your video you’ll find new options when creating a filter.

A new page will be added to the wizard called Select object types. This only appears if object classification has been selected at the import stage. Here you’ll be able to select which objects you want to search for. Once you’ve created your filter you can view the results as normal in the Review tab.

The object classification results are also viewable in the new Grid tab but we’ll get into that another day. If you want to give this a go yourself, help us out with building our models or chat about the final season of Game of Thrones, feel free to contact us in whatever way suits you. If you’re in a rush we’ve found email is quicker than a raven.

For more information, check the video “Kinesense Object Distinction” on our YouTube channel.