We’re back to dig into more advanced import settings. We touched on a bunch of these before like preprocess scripts and changing the frame rate. Today we’ll be looking at the new scheduling function which allows you to decide when you want your import to start.

Like all the advanced import options, scheduling can be found in the summary page of the import wizard under Advanced. Click the tab labelled Scheduling and you’ll be greeted with 3 options. Currently only the first two are available, Schedule for time and Queue import.

Schedule for time

Schedule for time allows you to select a time when you want an import to start. You can do this by either selecting a time from the drop down menu, this divides time up into half hour chunks, or if you want a more precise time you can select the Advanced setting and input an exact time.

Queue import

If you already have some imports running you can queue up more imports to start when they’re finished. Select Queue import from the list and click Begin Processing. The video will appear in the list on the left hand side but not start importing until one of the current imports is finished. You can queue a number of imports and they will start importing one at a time and the previous imports finish.