A few weeks back we went thought most of the feature of the new Grid Tab. Today we’ll be looking in more detail at how facial recognition can be viewed in the Grid Tab.

The results for facial recognition is divided in two, Where is…? and Who is…?.

Where is…? gives you a list of everyone from your facial recognition database that has been found in your videos.

When you double click on the results you’ll be brought to a new page that will show you the details about this person and all the times they were found in any videos. From there you can view these results on the timeline or add them to reports.

Who is…? gives you all the instances of people being found in your videos.

When you double click on these results you’ll be able to see all the possible matches and the levels of confidence. You can then add these results to either tags or reports.

These results can be filtered and sorted by confidence, making it easier to find possible matches.

That’s all for the Grid Tab for the moment. We plan on adding more fun features to it in the future.