Grid tab is our new fancy tab that allows you to view all the new fancy videos that you’ve imported with all our new fancy algorithms. It’s all very fancy! I’ve been hinting about it for a while now in our recent blogs on face recognition, face detection & attribute search, object classification and doorway analysis, but today we’ll finally go into detail about it. We’ll be covering the basics and next week we’ll be journeying into how it displays facial recognition results.

The Grid tab appears after Tags tab on the left hand side and is automatically populated when you preform any of the previously mentioned imports.

The drop down list at the top of the grid is populated by the different types of imports you do. Above is an example of a database were I have videos that have been processed using all 4 different algorithm types. If I’d only imported videos using object classification then that would be the only type displayed in my list.

Main Grid

The main grid area displays the results for you imports. Selecting different types from the main drop down will dictate the results you see and the actions you can preform.

If your video is still importing you will be notified when new results are ready to be added to the grid and have the option to update your view or ignore the results for you so you can continue working.

On the toolbar at the bottom of the grid you can find 4 different actions.

Reload refreshes the results in the main grid

Export to Tags creates tags for all the selected results

Export to Report sends the selected results to reports

Show in Review brings you to the location of the selected result on the timeline in the Review tab

These can also be accessed when you right click on one of the results. In some cases you have the option to delete the results. This only affects what is being shown in the Grid tab, this does not affect what is shown on the timeline in the Review tab.

Sort & Filter

On the left hand side of the grid tab you’ll find the sort and filter area. This can be hidden using the button at the top. Sort will give you a drop down list of different attributes you can sort by and the ability to sort them in either ascending or descending order.

Filter lets you filter down the results you’re currently viewing. Both of these options are customised for whatever view you’ve selected from the main drop down. The above image is from face attributes, which contains the most amount of filter options. These are currently all the different attributes that the face detection & attribute search algorithm searches for.

Selected Items

When you select a result in the main grid area, information about the selected item will be displayed on the right hand side. If the result contains multiple frames you’ll be able to scroll through these either with the arrow keys or by moving your mouse over the frame time and using your scroll wheel.

If you select multiple items by holding down either shift or ctrl, then all the results you’ve selected will be displayed in the selected area.

That’s all for this week, next week we’ll cover the facial recognition side of things. Then you’ll be able to grid away to your heart content!