eForensics Magazine Dec 2019 Issue has published an article by Kinesense’s Law Enforcement Advisor, Martin O’Farrell on how to better manage your digital video evidence. eforensics magazine

A key focus for any modern police force today is how digital evidence is managed. The process of managing digital evidence from collection to sharing is one that is often difficult due to the complexity of police processes. This article looks at some of the key issues and outlines how technology solutions can be deployed to make the management of assets easier and more secure. Police agencies can make significant changes by introducing smart technologies to deliver effective crime prevention, detection and prosecution.

Kinesense solutions are used at two levels across the force, frontline officers and in the Digital Forensic Unit.  There’s no longer any waiting. If officers have CCTV then they have the tools available to them 24/7 to deal with it. Officers import video into Kinesense LE enabling previously unplayable formats to be viewed and reduce the virus risks from third party players.  The video is analysed using algorithms to find objects in the video. These events are then searchable by direction, colour and region of interest. This means frontline officers can quickly find the event of interest and export these to Northumbria’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution for sharing across the force and with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). The Kinesense solution logs who does what and when creating a disclosure log to verify the chain of evidence.

As part of their Digital Media Repository (DMR) and Digital Evidence Suite (DES) project, Northumbria adopted the Kinesense solution across the force enabling officers to import, search and report on video evidence. Now they have an all in one video editing suite that allows them to produce evidential footage for court, a one stop shop. As a result, the workload in the DFU has reduced from 7000 jobs to 600 per year and allowing 5 of the 11 staff to be redeployed.

To learn more, check out this month’s eForensics magazine, or contact Kinesense on info@kinesense-vca.com