More new 3.3 features today, this time we’ll be focusing on the new ‘Picture-in-Picture’ annotation.

The new ‘Picture-in-Picture’ annotation can be added by selecting the Picture-In-Picture button in the annotation toolbar.

A list of clips that you have added to report will then appear, and you’ll be asked for select one to add to your current clip. If you are annotating a video clip or video image then the Add Clip window will be populated by any clips or images you’ve added to the video report. If you are annotating an image from the image report tab then it will be populated by other images in the image report tab. If the clip you are adding is too long, then it will warn you by highlighting the clip in red. You can still add it to the current clip but since it is longer than the current clip you wont be able to view all of it.

Once you’ve selected the clip you want to add click the Add button on the bottom right. The clip will appear on the top right and begin at the start of your video.

In the annotation toolbar some options should now appear.

The position options will snap the inserted clip to any of the corners. You can move and resize the inserted clip as you do any other annotation. You also have the option to change the opacity of the image, meaning you can have the inserted clip as transparent as you like by just moving the slider.

You can change where the clip starts and ends by selecting the timeline, right clicking and selecting either Start Annotation Here or End Annotation here. This wont change the length of the clip, it will just adjust where the inserted clip starts displaying within the current clip.