We previously touched on saved queries in our blog post about tags in maps, today we’ll explore that in more detail.

We’ve made some changes to the free text search area in Tags. The free text area is still there, as is the search button on the right. Now there is a new drop down called Saved Queries. The idea behind this is that when you do a search, you can now save this search. When you want to preform this search again you can just select it from the drop down list.

To do this filter the tags as you normally would, selecting different types, objects etc. When you’ve got the results you’re looking for click Save Current Query beside the save query drop down. The Save Current Query window will pop up asking for a name and description. When you are finished filling that out click save and the query will now appear in the drop down list.

To have your search query show up in maps, select the Map button beside the query that you want to see in maps. The maps tab will open with your query selected in the filter on the left hand side and the tags you want to see being displayed on the map.