A new tool to help you import difficult videos into Kinesense is the file converter. It can be found in the Select File page of the wizard. If you add a file that Kinesense doesn’t recognise it will automatically appear but even if it doesn’t show up automatically you can access it from the Advanced expander.

The first thing you should try when using this tool is Try Preview. This will try to play the video using the current settings selected in the drop down. If the video doesn’t play, you can try changing the decorder options in the dropdown.

When you are happy with the settings and want to convert the file file click Try Convert. If the conversion worked the new file will automatically be opened in Kinesense, ready for import. You can also open the folder or manually click Use Converted File.

If “Transcode” is unchecked, it will wrap the original video data in a new header without re-encoding. That’s not always possible for every file, so checking the Transcode checkbox will re-encode it with an Mpeg4 codec.