Last year we released Version 3. We redesigned the back end of the Kinesense video investigation platform to enable more enhanced functionality for the future. As a result, we were able to make significant changes to the platform including enabling multi-user access for large scale investigations, increasing the speed of HD video importation and reducing video storage using compression codecs. We even managed to fit in face recognition integrations and make more V3 features.

We are excited about the developments and plans for 2018.  A key focus is on adding more enhanced search capability into our product. As such we have created an open API for new analytics functionality to be deployed on our platform. One of the first things we will be launching is a face detection option. In short, we will be finding and extracting faces in video. This then can tie nicely into a facial recognition solution and general attribute searches. For more on this initiative see our recent post.

We have not forgotten about video sources either in 2018. In addition to making sure the VMS support of Milestone, Genetec and others are kept up to date, we are integrating with remote access solution like Vemotion and ensuring that our Player library of virtualised players is being kept up to date.

Lots more features are planned so make sure you check in regularly.

Happy New Year,

The Kinesense Team