After our little GDPR detour last week we’re back to the Settings Editor. In weeks gone by we’ve covered Digital Evidence InfoVideo Title Slide Layout and Tags Report Output. This week it’s the turn of the Login Screen page.

The login screen appears when you’re first loading up Kinesense, just after you’ve selected your database. User Name and Password will always appear on this screen but everything else is optional. (Note: if you haven’t set Named Users, the password field will be disabled). For the other fields, you can make drop down lists or text boxes and make them mandatory if needed.

Each item in the Settings Editor (which, as always, needs Admin rights to run) refers to a field in the logon screen. To add a new item click Add Item  . For each item you can edit the name and make it a mandatory field that has to be filled out before progressing by checking the Is Required checkbox.

If you wish to add a drop down list with set options in it, click the Add Options button. Then press the green plus button to add a new option. Once you’re happy click the Save button and your changes will appear the next time you start up Kinesense. Here’s one I made earlier!