Some of the new improvements made to 3.3 have been to the import and the import wizard. We already talked about the video preview in the wizard, so now we’ll talk about the other additions.

Auto time different

Working out the actual start time for a video can be a pain. Now if you have the actual time and the time on the dvr or screen you can let Kinesense work it out for you. Expand the Time Difference section in the start time page of the wizard. Enter in the correct time as noted at the time of evidence collection. Then enter in the time that was noted on the screen at the time of evidence collection. The time difference will appear underneath. When you’re happy click Apply and the time difference will be applied to the start time.

Rotate view

There is now a new tab in the advanced section of the summary page in the wizard, called Rotate View. Here you can rotate the frames of the video while they are importing so that they appear in Kinesense the right way around.

The rotate your frames, open the Rotate View drop down and select which way you’d like the frames to be rotated. An image showing you what the rotation means appears beside the text.

You also have the option of changing the aspect ratio. Click the check box beside Aspect Ratio and then select the desired aspect ratio. You can currently choose between 4:3 and 16:9. When you’re finished your selections just click Begin Processing as normal and the changes will be applied to your videos as they are being imported.

FFMPEG version selection

In the preprocess script tab, you are now able to select the version of ffmpeg you want to use. By default there will be only one version of ffmpeg to choose from. But if you add another version into the FFmpeg folder, C:\Program Files (x86)\KinesenseLE3\FFmpeg, it will appear in the drop down list and you’ll be able to use that to execute your scripts.