With KinesenseLE Version 3.4 coming just around the corner we thought we’d give you a sneak peak of what’s to come in the upcoming release.

Video List


The video list has had a complete design overhaul. You can now change the order the videos appear in the list, how the videos are grouped, the size and appearance of the video cards, search the video list and view detailed information about the videos.


Tags has also had a complete overhaul. It is now in line with the look and functionality of the grid tab but retaining all of it’s original functionality. We’ve also greatly improved the backup system and added some new features.



New annotations have been added, audio replacement and key slide. Audio replacement allows you to change the audio of a clip, using either audio from an existing clip that has been imported into Kinesense or an external source. The key slide automatically added a slide to your report with the list of annotations used.


New layer options have been added to maps. These include being able to add points to the measure tool, allowing you to measure around corners or plot out a route. You can now add objects to your measuring line such as icons, text and arrows. You can also add a new point layer that allows to add just the icon, text or arrow without the need for the measurement tool. Searching for a location can now be done using the address instead of just the co-ordinates.


The Help tab has been redesigned. There are now links to the youtube pages and you can directly access the tips & tricks from within Kinesense. An internet connect will be needed for those links. We’ve also added some links in the import wizard that will allow you to access help information about those specific tasks.

File Converter

If you have a file that Kinesense doesn’t recognise, you can now convert that file within the wizard. You can use Try Preview to see if any of the decoders work and then Try Covert to convert the file for import. The converted file will then directly import into Kinesense.


This is just a sneak peak of all the changes we’ve made in 3.4. Upon release we’ll go into more detail on each of the new features.