The first thing you’ll notice when you open up 3.4 for the first time is the new look video list.

The new list gives you more options for sorting your videos, more details on your videos and more ways to quickly find the video you want to work on.

Search and order bar

At the top of the video list you’ll now find a search bar that will display only the videos with the search for terms in the title.

The order drop down will allow you to change the order the videos appear in. By default Import Order is selected. The Manual order allows you to drag and drop videos in the group to create your own order.

The group dropdown allows you to change the video groupings. By default it will use the groups that you create when you import the video.

The ascending/descending button allows you to set the list to be in either ascending or descending order.

There are 3 sizes of video cards that can be selected . These sizes all have the same functionality but can save you space or allow you to get a better preview of the video.

Small view

Large view

The Collapse All Groups button will collapse all the groups.


Clicking the details button on a selected video will give you more information about the video. This includes the videos metadata and the ability to copy details like the times of the video and it’s Id.


The algorithm buttons will show you the algorithm that has been applied to the current video. If you reprocess the video this will be updated with the new algorithm you’ve selected.

Tag Objects

The video card will now display how many tag objects are currently attached to that video. When you click the tag object button a list of the objects will be displayed underneath the video.


The number of filters is now easily show on all the video cards. Selecting the filter button will show all filters for that video. If you are in the filters tab you’ll have extra options like saving and deleting the filter, as well as right clicking and copying the filter to another video.

Right click menu

Right clicking on a menu will give you several options. You can deselect the current video, open the edit details window, the adjust time window, reprocess, open the video folder, delete a video and delete a group.