In 3.4 tags has had a complete redesign. From the back end that you can’t see to it’s new look, tags has been reworked from the group up. If you are familiar with the Grid tab you’ll recognise the new layout. We’ve added a details view so that the tags can be viewed in a more traditional view, the filters have been moved to the left as they are in the Grid tab and the export buttons have been moved to the bottom.

Sort & Filters

Sort allows you to sort the tags in the display by any of the column headings. This can also be achieved by clicking on the column headings themselves in the details view.

Filters has the same options as before. When you select an item to search by, you’ll be able to see the selected items even when the dropdown is closed.

Saved filters also works as before, when you have a filter setup you watch to save for use later you just click the + button, give it a name and description and save it. This can now be loaded up at any time and can see accessed directly from the maps tab.

Customise displayed columns

If you want to simplify the view you see in tags, you can now right click on the column headers and you’ll be given a list of column types to choose from. Simply checking and unchecking the items you want will add or remove them from your display.

CSV & JSON file exports

As well as CSV and Word exports (now with .docx options), you can export tabs to a JSON file. You can choose which columns you want exporting, the order in which they display and the names that appears at the top of the column.

Pop out

The events video or the objects tag can be popped out into it’s own window. This window contains the image/video, details about the tag and the right click menu. You also have the option to pin that tag, meaning that if you click on another tag, the content wont change. If you don’t do this then the next tag you click on will populate the popped out window.


Backups have also been reworked. The Backup Now button allows you to create a backup of your work instantly.

In the settings editor there are two backup options. The first is how often the tags are backed up. By default it’s set to 24 which means every 24 hours a backup will be created. If you want to increase this, just change that setting and then backups will be saved every number of hours you’ve set it to.

The second option is the number of backup files that’ll be stored. Currently this is set to 5. If a 6th file is created then the oldest file will be deleted.


Exporting images

Hovering over an image will give you the ability to export an image. You can rotate the image and deinterlace it the image before you export it.

Right click menu

Right clicking on a tag gives you the options you have at the bottom of tags but also the ability to delete the tag or edit it’s details.